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Custom Signs at Wholesale Prices, that's our specialty !
We make all kinds of Signs ranging from inexpensive Coroplast Signs to High intensity Reflective Metal Signs and more ....
With several years experience in this field our creative Designers and Sign makers, will turn your Ideas into eye catching reality. Whether you are opening your new Store or a new Business or expanding or revitalizing your existing Business, a simple call or e-mail to Centre Point Signs, will resolve your Sign Issues . Located centrally in Mississauga, we are able to cater to the Sign needs of our customers spread across the Greater Toronto area. Our prices are reasonable, our quality is excellent and service is impeccable, so your every order receives the top most priority. Feel free to browse the range of Products on our Site. .
We also have dedicated websites, for our Parking & Traffic sign products. At our facility located in Lakeshore Road Mississauga, we produce a range of custom products to fulfill the needs of our customers across a wide range of industries, like construction, condos, real estate and more....


Metal A-Signs with Coroplast Inserts are available in different sizes, to suit your specific requirement.
Wooden Sandwich Boards consist of two boards that are hinged at the top and stand upright with your advertising message displayed on both sides. Centre Point Signs stocks 2 versions: PVC Sandwich Boards or Metal A frame Sandwich Boards, in sizes 18" x 24" & 24" x 32" and more ....


Coroplast is a brand name of corrugated plastic and a registered trademark of Coroplast, Inc., because of the success of this brand, it has become a generalized trademark and many people in North America today refer to corrugated plastic as "coroplast". Corrugated plastic or corriboard, also known under the trade names of Coroplast, Correx, Twinplast, Corriflute or Corflute refers to a wide

Refers to the Store & Office Window Graphics, commonly found on the glass panels & Doors.
Finding effective ways to communicate with potential customers, being a priority, for Business owners this method of advertising products and services, is very effective and inexpensive way to promote your Business.


Parking Sign
- a Division of Centre Point Signs, specializes in all Shapes and Sizes of Parking Signs, Street Signs, Regulatory Signs, Construction Signs, Safety Signs and more....
Our Signs are made locally in Mississauga in the province of Ontario, Canada.
High quality Aluminum and durable Vinyl & Digital Graphics enable, these Sign Panels to withstand the rigors of Canadian weather. Repeat orders from our customers across the country stands testimony to this fact.
More info Visit: www.ParkingSign.ca

Centre Point Car Magnets
make custom vehicle magnets, of all shapes and sizes, to fit cars, Trucks and other vehicles.
If you are located in Mississauga or in the Greater Toronto Area, you are welcome to visit our retail outlet located in the Lakeshore Road, Mississauga, to pick up your Sign, thus saving you time and Shipping costs.
You can order your vehicle magnets by phone or email!

More info Visit:CentrepointCarMagnets.ca

Traffic Sign Canada
makes, Road Signs, Construction Signs and Regulatory Signs as per the specs of Ontario Traffic Manual. Made with rust proof Aluminum and Steel panels, with high Intensity 3M Reflective materials. Manned by sign professionals with a decade of experiece in delivering signs with exceptional quality and commitment to customer service, Traffic Sign Canada is your one stop shop for Road Signs, Steel Posts and Installation.

More info Visit: www.TrafficSignCananada.ca

Feel free to browse the range of Products on our Site. Centre Point Signs specializes in custom made Sign Products to fulfill all your Sign requirements. We have a wide choice of Sign products like A-signs, Wooden Sandwich Boards, Vinyl Banners, including Digitally printed Banners, Coroplast Signs of various shapes and sizes at very reasonable prices, the most commonly used Lawn Signs, Bag Signs, Vehicle Magnets - to advertise your trade on your car or van, Fridge magnets, Parking Signs of all shapes and Sizes,Vehicle Graphics and also Store Window Graphics. If you don't see the product you're looking for, please email us or call us at 905-274-5566 to get a quick response

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